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State University Construction Fund

SUCF Office of Capital Program Management

Office of Capital Program Management - Each state-operated and hospital campus receives capital appropriations on a multi-year basis and must plan and progress their capital work within fiscal parameters. The Planning unit assists individual campuses in implementing capital projects funded from the capital plan by determining appropriate project sequencing and funding strategies on a multi-year basis.

This is accomplished by a staff of Program Management professionals who work directly with the campuses. The planning process includes the identification, initial scoping and sequencing of specific capital projects to be progressed; supervision of consultants in the progression of specific program and or planning studies; and the development and refinement of project scopes and project cost estimates up until the project is bid. These efforts are undertaken with a goal of formulating a strategy to ensure individual capital plans are progressed in an efficient and effective manner.

Additionally, the Program Managers coordinate funding for projects administered by the campus, known as "campus lets". While the primary responsibility for these projects resides with the campus, the Program Managers are involved with the coordination of these projects within the campus' overall capital planning strategy.

The Costing unit supports the Planning unit and Design Office. Prior to the inception of a project, this unit will review the scope of a project and develop a preliminary project budget including the cost of design, construction and equipment. During the design phase, this unit reviews periodic progress submissions and verifies the associated project costs.

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