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State University Construction Fund

Business / Contracting Opportunities

SUCF Construction Bid Activity

SUNY Canton, Convocation Athletic Recreation Center & Ice Rink

Effective 1/1/2006, in accordance with State Finance Law section 139-j, all inquires regarding any construction procurement must be made to Peggy McSorley ( or 518 320-1710) for general inquiries and  Lois McLaughlin for MWBE questions/issues (  or 518 320-1673). Contacts made to other staff regarding any construction procurement may disqualify the firm from the construction procurement and affect future construction procurements with government entities in the State of New York.

SUCF Procurement Lobbying Act Policy and Procedure

Construction contract awards are made through a competitive bid process. SUCF's Bid Submission Requirements are included in project specifications. The Construction Bid Calendar is publicly advertised to encourage bidding activity. Public Bid Opening Results are reviewed and awards are made in accordance with New York State public bidding requirements with resultant construction activity under the auspices of the Office of Construction Management.

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