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State University Construction Fund

Business/Contracting Opportunities

SUCF Bid Requirements

The State University Construction Fund receives sealed proposals for Capital Construction projects at the Fund's offices located at the State University Plaza, Second Floor, 353 Broadway, Albany, New York 12246. Proposals may be hand delivered to Room S-204A or mailed to the State University Construction Fund, The State University Plaza, 353 Broadway, Albany, New York 12246. Hand delivered bids require visitor access processing.

Type of Bid - Single Contract.

Bid Deposit - A bank draft, certified check or bid bond of not less than 5% of the bid amount.

Qualifications - The three lowest bidders must submit information pertaining to their qualification and their principal subcontractors within 48 hours of the opening of the proposals. Additional qualifications are set forth in the State University Construction Fund - Information for Bidders.

Advertisements - Notice to Bidders of upcoming projects and bid dates are available from:

  • New York State Contract Reporter
  • Albany Times Union
  • Various Plan Rooms

Plan Availability - Bidding and Contract Documents may be examined free of charge at the following locations:

  • Office of Architect/Engineer of Record
  • State University of New York (Campus Facilities Offices)
  • Various Plan Rooms

Plan Request - Bidding and Contract Documents may be obtained from the Architect/Engineer of Record upon payment of a deposit or fee.

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