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State University Construction Fund

Business/Contracting Opportunities

Consultant Selection

Consultant Selection Process

Projects are advertised in the New York State Contract Reporter and listed on the Fund's web site (  Consultants are selected based on qualifications. Statements of Qualifications must be received by the due date.

Any architectural/engineering firm that would like to be considered for a project with the State University Construction Fund (the Fund), must register for each project on-line to receive the Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

In accordance with State Finance law Section 139-j, all inquiries regarding any procurement must be made only to the designated contact persons for the procurement. Contacts made to other staff regarding any procurement may disqualify the firm and affect future procurements with government entities in the State of New York.

SUCF Procurement Lobbying Act Policy and Procedure

The Selection Committee consists of three Fund employees and a campus representative. The Selection Committee initially makes a recommendation as to which firms (usually five) shall be given further consideration for the project. The firms that advance to the next phase of the selection process are referred to as the Short List of firms.

The SOQs submitted by the Short List firms are reviewed again and given more careful consideration. These firms may be invited to visit the site of the project and/or interview with the Selection Committee. Firms may be provided additional details/information on the Scope of Work and requested to bring a proposal to their interview relative to their approach to the project.

The members of the Selection Committee then independently rate each of the firms on the Short List. Scoring assigned to each firm is done so on the basis of their relative qualifications, experience with similar project scopes, project approach, experience and qualifications of the proposed professional staff and client references. The firm with the highest cumulative rating shall be recommended for contract award. The fee for the project design services is calculated using the Fund's standard Fee Schedule. The fee for projects that present unique or complex challenges shall be assigned a "complexity factor" which is applied to the standard Fee Schedule in recognition of the additional work and expertise required.

Program Studies and Commissioning Services consultant selections shall require the Short List firms to submit technical proposals depicting the proposed staff and staffing hours to deliver the Scope of Work. Technical proposals are submitted by the Short List firms and evaluated by the Selection Committee. The approved staffing of the selected firm becomes the basis for computation of the consultant's fee.

The recommendation of the Consultant Selection Committee is forwarded to the General Manager for review and approval.

SUCF Consultant Selection Status

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