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State University Construction Fund

Design and Construction Resources

SUCF Program Directives - PDF Format

Introduction - PDF Format

1A Design Phase Guides

1B Code Requirement Guides

1C General Procedures

1D General Guides

Division 2 - Civil/Site Directives

Division 3 - Concrete

Division 4 - Masonry

Division 5 - Metals

Division 7 -Thermal and Moisture Protection

Division 8 - Doors and Windows

Division 10 - Specialties

  • 10-1(Reserved)
  • 10-2(Reserved)

Division 11 - Equipment

Division 12 - Furnishings

  • 12-1 (Reserved)
  • 12-2 (Reserved)

Division 14 - Conveying Systems

  • 14-1 Vertical Circulation - Currently Under Revision

Division 15 - Mechanical

Division 16 - Electrical

Division 27 - Communications

As additional program directives become available, they will be added to this section of the Web site. If you have any questions concerning these Directives, contact your project's Design Coordinator shown on or call (518)320-3200.

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