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SUNY Oneonta - Fitzelle Hall Rehabilitation and Addition

Architecture+ has designed this $28.5 million, 105,000 square foot rehabilitation, which includes a 60,000 SF addition of departmental offices, instructional spaces, building interior finishes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and conveying systems. This project improves the campus by connecting the upper and lower campuses with an atrium and a handicapped accessible pedestrian bridge, reinforcing the main campus quad as a student gathering space with a new cafe for the lower campus.

Sustainable design features: Upgraded roof and wall insulation, high efficiency lighting with occupancy sensors, premium efficiency motors, variable speed pumping, variable speed fan control, demand control ventilation, variable speed chiller compressor, condensing boilers, run around energy recovery loop, use of recycled materials, water use reduction, construction waste management, regional materials use, low emitting interior materials.

The project is designed to achieve a LEED Silver rating.

The use of these building design features will result in an energy use level that is 21% less than would be permitted by NYS Energy Code.

The project is scheduled for completion by August 2014.

 SUNY Oneonta - Fitzell Hall Rehabilitation and Addition

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