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New Paltz - Wooster Building Renovation

Croxton Collaborative | NK Architects design for the Wooster Building Renovations is a SUCF Critical Maintenance project that transforms an obsolete 1967 three-story, 68,000 sf concrete structure into an exemplar of  creative Adaptive Reuse and Sustainable Design.  The Building will house Departmental Suites & Labs for the Departments of Anthropology and Psychology & Engineering, Student Services and Dining/Café Facilities and Student Commons and Lounges spanning and connecting the campus’ two main academic quads - Old Main and Arts & Sciences Quads. Together with the new “Spanish Steps” transition from the Arts and Sciences Quad to the newly renovated campus “Main Street” - Excelsior Concourse - the building will complete the revitalization of the Campus Center.

The Project is currently targeting LEED Gold (with LEED Silver assured) through the use of the following sustainable design features:

  • Energy use performance at least 25% less than permitted by NYS Energy Code, with and all-new Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical systems and including the use of Demand-controlled ventilation in combination with Enthalpy Wheel Heat Recovery System
  • A regularized New High-performance exterior envelope including High-performance glazing and insulation.
  • Enhanced daylighting design, daylight atriums will bring light into the center of the building and to all habitable non-research spaces.
  • Greywater system – collection, storage, and distribution of rainwater for use in toilets and urinals.
  • Native vegetation species, requiring no permanent irrigation system
  • Potable water use reduction of at least 50%
  • Reuse of existing building structural elements (major reduction in potential construction waste ending up in landfills)
  • Superior indoor air quality.
  • Organize spaces and interior materials for maximum student and faculty interaction as well as for future flexibility and adaptability by eliminating interior obstructions and level changes.
  • Enhanced student interaction in ‘commons’ spaces – daylit, well designed spaces


The project is scheduled for completion in October 2014.

New Paltz - Wooster Building Renovation

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