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SUNY Old Westbury - New Academic Building


The New Academic Building at the College of Old Westbury is the first building on the campus to attain LEED Gold certification.  The 147,000sf building provides classrooms, faculty offices, computer labs, administrative offices, and shared instructional and support spaces for three schools: Arts and Sciences, Education, and Business.

 Kliment Halsband Architects designed the building to provide flexible boundaries between the schools and to balance faculty and student interaction with faculty privacy. Sited and designed to engage the buildings and landscapes of the campus, the Academic Building is visible and accessible from the road and parking, the central open space and playing fields, the academic center and activities, and the new residence halls.

 More than 97% of the offices have natural light, providing a comfortable workspace and reducing dependence on artificial lighting. The building includes room occupancy sensors, water-efficient fixtures, and finish materials with high recycled content and that have been regionally manufactured or extracted. The building will use 41% less energy than would be permitted by New York State Energy Code. It is anticipated that over 75% of construction waste will be recycled, thereby diverting it from landfill. The sustainable aspects of the building also inspired an expansion of the recycling program on the entire campus.

 The New Academic Building opened in September 2012.

 SUNY Old Westbury - New Academic Building

 SUNY Old Westbury - New Academic Building

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