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SUNY Plattsburgh - School of Business and Economics/Computer Science

The design for the School of Business + Economics/Computer Science building, which is targeted for LEED Silver Certification, includes a host of sustainable elements. The building will utilize low VOC materials and Forest-Certified wood products. Over 20% of the materials used in the construction process will be recycled and will be extracted and manufactured within a 500 mile radius of the SUNY Plattsburg campus. The design provides views to the outdoors and natural light for more than 90% of building occupants. The new building will have a white, reflective roof and will feature a landscaping design that requires no irrigation. The facility will be +20% more energy efficient than current code requirements, and will utilize 40% less potable water than a traditional design.

The new 43,400-square-foot, three-story building will be home to the Business, Economics and Computer Science departments serving approximately 1,200 students as well as 50 faculty and staff members. The building’s crisp, evenly-toned facade reflects SUNY Plattsburgh’s visual “brand” of light‐colored brick, with particular sensitivity to the tonality of the signature campus structures such as Hawkins Hall, Angell College Center and Feinberg Library. The building will house a variety of classrooms, computer labs, video conferencing facilities, study lounges and faculty offices featuring the latest in technology and audio-visual teaching and presentation systems. Terrazzo flooring, wood paneling and millwork and metal panel ceilings will enhance the public and academic spaces and students and faculty will also enjoy an outdoor roof terrace overlooking the campus.

Construction is slated for completion in late 2012.

School of Business and Economics/Computer Science

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