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SUNY Purchase - Humanities Building

Kliment Halsband Architects designed the renovation of the Humanities Building to achieve a LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The 92,530sf building provides instructional spaces and faculty and administrative offices for the School of Humanities, an auditorium/recital hall, and a television studio.

 The renovation preserves many of the building's iconic features while improving functionality and code compliance. A reconfiguration of the interior creates a modern central core for elevators and energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, as well as additional classrooms. Circulation has also been improved by removing dead-ends, adding stairs, and using glass to maximize visual connections between inside and outside.

 Some of the building’s new sustainable features include automatic sensors and controls to maintain proper temperature, humidity, and rates of outdoor air introduced to occupied spaces; the reduction of potable water usage with low-flow and low-flush toilets; and a new light-colored surface for the roof to mitigate heat island effect. Extensive energy and lighting power density modeling assisted with the design of a highly efficient building envelope, which includes new windows and insulated exterior walls, and a low-consumption, long-life lighting strategy that is also aesthetically appropriate. The renovated building is expected to net an energy cost savings that is 32% greater than the New York State 2010 Energy Conservation Construction Code.

 The project is scheduled for completion in 2014.

 SUNY Purchase - Humanities Building

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