Physical Space Inventory

Table of Contents

Section One: PSI Guidelines

PSI Overview
   Buildings to Be Reported
   Building Abbreviation/Number
   Leased Space
   Campus Owned or Leased Space Occupied Outside Entities
   Future Buildings
   Room with more than one room number
   Number of Floors 
   Number of Stations
   Net Square Feet
   Measurement of Space
   Circulation area within department assigned space
Space Type
   Dining Space
   Lab Spaces
   Unassigned vs Unusable
Department Number (Chart of Accounts)
   Classroom/Lecture Hall Assignment
   Child Care Space
   Auxiliary Service Corporation Space
   Residential vs. Non-Residential
   Dean's and Department Chair's Offices
   Research Space
   Sponsored Research (Research Foundation) Space
   Computer Class Labs
   Medical Instruction
   Research Administration
   Special Chart of Accounts
   Clinics-Departmental Assignments
Room (Space)Proration
   Parking Area  

Section Two: FAQ

Section Three: PSI Updates

PSI User Manual
   PSI Data Element List
   Field Definition
   Space Type Codes
   Space Type Code Definitions
PSI Updates
   Prototypic PSI Ongoing Update Procedure
   Annual PSI Update
   Prototypic PSI Annual Update Procedure
   Update Considerations
   Update Process
   Update Worksheet - PDF Format
   Update Worksheet - Excel Format
   Data Transfer

Section Four: Functional Analysis

   Functional Space Categories

Section Five: Station Utilization

Section Six: Space Projection

   Space Flow Projection Chart

Section Seven: Reports

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